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Your decisions in this area are far too important in the success of your business to treat them like commody purchases.  You wouldn't buy a suit of clothes over the internet, would you?  Selecting the right product or service for your drug free workplace program should be made after you carefully evaluate the options.

You will find Emerald Bay Consulting,LLC fees very competitive, please consider other important advantages:

  Drug testing devices have limited shelf life.  Web products often sit in warehouses for months while the freshness clock is ticking.  The product you receive may have only a few months remaining.  What a waste!  Emerald Bay Consulting, LLC keeps close watch on dating to guarantee our customers receive fresh products. 

Cry  Even the best products may have a defective unit.  When you purchase from us and use the product according to manufacturer's directions, we guarantee it to work - or we replace it with a new product.  We provide support for your satisfaction - try that with a web purchase!

Embarassed  Wouldn't you be embarrased if you spent your company's (or your) money on a product that was not what you expected?  We encourage you to try the product first - at no obligation**.

Smile  Doesn't it make more sense to work with a specialist in drug detection and deterrance, whose 35 years' experience costs you nothing...yet can insure your satisfaction and open your options.

Surprised  Emerald Bay Consulting, LLC provides product training as well as continued customer service.  Someone who cares about your repeat business and not just a single order.

Money mouth  We provide a variety of payment options once credit is established.  Most customers simply call our toll free number or e-mail their purchase order number and the product is sent that day.  What could be easier?

Providing Better Value Through Informed Choices is more than our motto, it's our mantra!  We carefully listen to you and evaluate your business philosophy, then propose solutions that will help meet your goals - whether that's a strict "zero tolerance" drug free workplace or simply maintaining a drug free workplace atmosphere - free from the chaos that users create. 

* For comparable product and similar volume purchases.
** A free sample will be provided as the customer completes manufacturer's complimentary training & certification.

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For free email business advice, send your questions, comments or ideas to info@emeraldbayconsulting.com. For issues that are of particular interest to the the community, we may publish (with your permission) your questions along with our answers on this web site.


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