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As an Authorized Distributor for Branan Medical Corporation, Emerald Bay Consulting, LLC represents several excellent instant on-site drug screening products including:oratectoratectplus.jpg


•  One-Step on-site collection and testing
•  Combines 6 drugs of abuse groups AND Alcohol testing
•  Rapid results in 5 minutes
•  Eliminates cross-gender collection issues & need for bathroom facilities.
•  User friendly and non-invasive
•  Accurate and Supportable - Cost and Time effective!

Drugs of Abuse Cut-off Levels:
   Alcohol (ALC)                             0.02% BAC
   Amphetamines (AM)                       25 ng/mL
   Benzodiazepines (BZ)                       5 ng/mL
   Cocaine (CO)                                20 ng/mL
   Marijuana* (THC)                           40 ng/mL
   Methamphetamines/Ecstasy (ME)      25 ng/mL
   Opiates (OP)                                 10 ng/mL
   Phencyclidine (PC)                           4 ng/mL
* Parent THC       (For Forensic Use Only)

•  Rapid one-step procedure - lean and read.
•  Completes 5 drugs in 5 minutes
•  Integrates sample collection, testing and shipping for confirms in a single container.
•  Simultaneous test for adulterants
•  Multiple test configurations
•  Simple visual results - easy to read
•  No sample exposure

We can provide SAMHSA-Certified as well as CAP-Accredited forensic toxicology laboratory confirmations for oral fluid as well as urine screens, using GC/MS

For employers desiring a broad window of detection (3 months), we offer:
usdtlbeakers.jpegHAIRStat performed by usdtllogo.gifusdtllogo.gif
United States Drug Testing Laboratory